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Research reading can of worms

Today’s blog post is about my experience attempting to become better read in the area of education research, and I’m sorry to say I’m not going to be glowingly positive about it. As the title suggests, it just seems to get out of hand so quickly.
Let me explain.
The MLC’s job is to support all students […]

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Why don’t people bring me raw data?

We often get research students visiting us to get help with analysing their data, even though it is not actually our job to help them and we are not formally qualified to help either. But I still sit with them and listen to their woes and give what advice I can, because I know how […]

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Frayed research

Phew! I submitted our article for the MERGA conference last week and now I feel like I’ve come out of hibernation: I’m standing blinking in the sunlight wondering what happened to everything I was doing before I started work on the article. (One of those things was this blog, which is why I’ve been quieter […]

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