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The Arts students’ maths brain

Yesterday I talked about one of the common responses to people finding out I am a mathematician/maths teacher, that of saying, “I’m not a maths person.” The other common response I get is, “I don’t have a maths brain.” (John Rowe mentioned this in his comment on the previous post.)
This is how I reacted last […]

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Australia’s Got Dedication

In the MLC Drop-In Centre, it sometimes happens that students succeed quite well at their maths, and yet somehow they manage to actually feel bad about it. They say that they only succeeded because they worked hard, and not because they are “good at maths”, implying that somehow natural talent is more worthy of praise. […]

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Birth stories in the MLC

One of my favourite memories of the Drop-In Centre happened not too long after I started here. One of our regular visitors happened to be pregnant at the time, and as always happens when parents are in the presence of a pregnant woman, it wasn’t long before we began swapping birth stories. And not just […]

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Beware of the Toast

There is a little trick someone played on me once as a child and I have been playing on the students in the Drop-In room this week. It goes like this:
Answer the following questions:

What would you find in a haunted house?
What do you call a meal of meat cooked in an oven?
What is the part […]

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