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Book Reading: Becoming the Math(s) Teacher You Wish You’d Had

This post is about Tracy Zager’s most excellent book, Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had. I actually finished reading it back in January, and I live-tweeted my reading as I went. The process culminated with this tweet:
I've just finished reading your #becomingmath book @TracyZager. This is the bit I liked:
— David Butler […]

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Book Reading: The Classroom Chef

Over the weekend, I read “The Classroom Chef” by John Stevens and Matt Vaudrey. This is a post about my reaction to the book.
The premise of the book is to use cooking in a restaurant as a metaphor for constructing teaching in a classroom. It’s a good metaphor, and executed well. Warm up routines are […]

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Don’t clean the whiteboard

In the previous post, I talked about classroom archaeology: the concept that we leave behind evidence of the learning that goes on in our classroom for others to find, and since people will see this evidence whether we like it or not, we should leave some useful artefacts on purpose.
This post is about one simple […]

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Classroom archaeology

At the combined MERGA/AAMT conference in 2011, one of the keynote speakers was Matt Skoss, a high school maths teacher in the Northern Territory. I talk a lot about how much we at uni have to learn from schoolteachers and Matt was case in point: he had a lot of most excellent stuff to say. […]

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